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A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide To Room Dividers

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide To Room Dividers

Room dividers can be used for numerous purposes, including creating an office space in your living room or bedroom, splitting larger rooms, among others. A divider can help you create more space in your home, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You also don’t need to build a wall to separate areas in your room. When buying a room divider, consider several factors to ensure you select the right one. Here is what to look out for.

What’s the Main Use of the Divider?

Before you start shopping for a room divider, ensure you know what the main purpose is. Dividers for residential use are different from the ones used for commercial places such as an office. You need an executive look for an office, even if it’s in your bedroom or living space.

If your main aim is to keep out noise, you need a divider with soundproofing properties. Room dividers for your home should match the general décor to provide a smooth finishing and create a homely atmosphere.

How Much Space Do You Want to Partition?

Once you determine how you plan to use a room divider, you need to measure the area you want to divide to ensure you get the right length and height for the divider. Most room dividers come in three to seven panels, so you can choose a length that will perfectly suit the space you need to divide.

In most cases, two to three dividers are enough, but to be on the safe side, you should first measure the floor space to determine the correct number of panels you need for the area you want to partition.

What Styles or Materials Do You Want?

Room dividers come in different styles and materials to serve different purposes and settings.If privacy is what you crave, opt for a room divider made of canvas, wood, woven fiber, or faux leather. You can also select a shutter-style divider to match the rustic décor in your living space for ultimate privacy.

A divider made of rice paper is suitable for poorly lit rooms, allowing light to pass through.For decorative effects in traditional settings, you can choose Japanese style dividers or ancient Chinese style dividers.

Room dividers are essential for partitioning any space. However, it’s vital to ensure that they’re safe by attaching them securely to the floor or ceiling. You can learn more about dividers by checking out Tylko’s article on room dividers here (http://tips.tylko.com/en/articles/1205887-tylko-as-a-room-divider).