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How to Choose your chest of drawers?

How to Choose your chest of drawers?

Because of its storage capacity and counter space, a chest of drawers is essential for bedroom furniture. They come in a variety of heights, widths, and depths, therefore this article will assist you in determining how tall, long, and wide a dresser should be to fit correctly in your bedroom.

Your Space and Measurements

A typical chest of drawers (https://tylko.com/shelves/chest-of-drawers/) should contain six to nine drawers and is waist-high (roughly twenty-six to forty-four inches), 36″–60″ wide, and 16″–20″ deep. These, however, might vary, and you should select the choice that works best in your space.

To get the ideal dimensions for you, decide where you want your chest to sit. We propose putting them along an empty wall-length facing a bed, either from the front or side. They may, however, sit beneath a window.

What Size is right for you?

Before you even consider what type of chest of drawers to buy, acquire a notepad and write down everything you intend to put within it. Writing everything you will store will guarantee that you get a unit that serves as a clean, comfortable storage solution for your needs.

Many individuals use their chest of drawers to store various clothes from top to bottom, such as socks in one drawer, underwear in another, sweaters further down, and so on. If this describes you, it could be worth shopping for a model with various sizes of drawers. A popular and flexible design has tiny, compact drawers at the top, with the compartments growing in height and width as you move down the unit. These sorts of chests of drawers are your best choice if you’re looking for a multi-purpose storage solution. The tiny compartments towards the top are ideal for trinkets like cosmetics or stationery, while the larger drawers may hold everything from clothing to extra bedding. However, you may already have a convenient spot to keep some articles of clothes elsewhere in your house, so a flexible chest of drawers isn’t required. Your sweaters, for example, might be safely hidden away at the top of your wardrobe. In these cases, choosing a smaller model with similar-sized drawers allows you to add and remove items as needed.

Once you’ve determined what size dresser you want, you can check into the features and styles available to discover the dresser that’s ideal for you and your bedroom.